Mutualism: What Do We Know, and Where Do We Go From Here?

Le 10 Juin 2016
11h30 Salle Louis Thaler, ISEM (UM, Bât. 22, 2ème étage)

Judie Bronstein

University of Arizona, Tucson, USA

(Talk in English)


In this talk, I review the checkered history of the study of mutualism (cooperative interactions between species), a field that has only coalesced in the past twenty years. I will identify six major research directions, then present our own recent work on hawkmoth-plant relationships to show how these directions can be integrated to move our understanding forward. I conclude by discussing pressing issues surrounding mutualism that are likely to drive the field in the coming years.



Recent publications:

  • Bronstein, J.L. (editor) 2015. Mutualism. Oxford University Press, NY
  • Jones, E.I., M.E. Afkhami, E. Akcay, J.L. Bronstein, R. Bshary, M.E. Frederickson, K.D. Heath, J. Hoeksema, J.H. Ness, S. Pankey, S.S. Porter, J.L. Sachs, K. Scharnagl, and M.L. Friesen. (2015) Cheaters must prosper: reconciling theoretical and empirical perspectives on cheating in mutualism. Ecology Letters 18: 1270-1284
  • Chamberlain, S.C., J. Rudgers, and J.L. Bronstein (2014). How context-dependent are species interactions? Ecology Letters 17: 881-890



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