Impacts of intraspecific trait variation on ecological dynamics

Le 07 Septembre 2018
11h30 - Campus Triolet Univ Montpellier - Bat 23 - Salle SC01

Department of Evolution and Ecology, UC Davis, USA

(Seminar in English)

This talk will highlight two ways that trait variation can impact these dynamics. First, if the trait variation is sufficiently heritable and selection on this variation is sufficiently strong, evolution can occur over ecological time scales and, thereby, alter the ecological dynamics.  Second, even if the trait variation isn't heritable, nonlinear relationships between individual traits and the associated demographic rates can result in individuals with more extreme traits having a disproportionately large effect on population-level processes i.e. nonlinear averaging.


I will illustrate these points with the effects of individual variation in infectiousness on disease outbreaks, individual variation in seed dispersal and seed production on rates of spatial spread, and intraspecific trait variation in competing species and their resources on competitive outcomes and, if time permits, coexistence times.




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From September 2018 to June 2019,  the SEEMs will take place at the University of Montpellier, building 23 (opposite ISEM), room SC01 – see red arrow in the attached map.


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