CeMEB Doctoral / Postdoctoral publications

- 2011 -


Descamp P, Holon F, Ballesta L, Guilbert A, Guillot M, Boissery P, Raimondino V, Deter J (2011) Fast and easy method for seagrass monitoring: application of acoustic telemetry to precision mapping of Posidonia oceanica beds. Marine Pollution Bulletin 62 (2): 284-292. [CeMEB Ph-D]


- 2012 -


Deter J, Descamp P, Ballesta L, Boissery P, Holon F (2012) A preliminary study toward an index based on coralligenous assemblages for the ecological status assessment of Mediterranean French coastal waters. Ecological Indicators 20: 345-352. [CeMEB Ph-D]

Deter J, Descamp P, Boissery P, Ballesta L, Holon F (2012) A rapid photographic method detects depth gradient in coralligenous assemblages. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 418: 75-82. [CeMEB Ph-D]


- 2013 -


Blanc L, Marboutin E, Gatti S, Gimenez O (2013) Abundance of rare and elusive species: Empirical investigation of closed versus spatially explicit capture-recapture models with lynx as a case study. Journal of Wildlife Management 77 (2): 372-378. [CeMEB Ph-D]

Gimenez O, Abadi F, Barnagaud JY, Blanc L, Buoro M, Cubaynes S, Desprez M, Gamelon M, Guilhaumon F, Lagrange P, Madon B, Marescot L, Papadatou E, Papaix J, Peron G, Servanty S (2013) How can quantitative ecology be attractive to young scientists? Balancing computer/desk work with fieldwork. Animal Conservation 16 (2): 134-136. [CeMEB Ph-D]


- 2014 -


Blanc L, Marboutin E, Gatti S, Zimmermann F, Gimenez O (2014) Improving abundance estimation by combining capture-recapture and occupancy data: example with a large carnivore. Journal of Applied Ecology 51 (6): 1733-1739. [CeMEB Ph-D]

Gimenez O, Blanc L, Besnard A, Pradel R, Doherty PF, Marboutin E, Choquet R (2014) Fitting occupancy models with E-SURGE: hidden Markov modelling of presence-absence data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 5 (6): 592-597. [CeMEB Ph-D]

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- 2015 -


Del’Ariccia G, Blanc L, Bonadonna F, Sanz-Aguilar A (2015) Mediterranean storm petrels rely on nest position for homing after migration: a test with artificial nest-boxes. Animal Behaviour 107: 97-104. [CeMEB Ph-D]

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Holon F, Boissery P, Guilbert A, Freschet E, Deter J (2015) The impact of 85 years of coastal development on shallow seagrass beds (Posidonia oceanica L. (Delile)) in South Eastern France: A slow but steady loss without recovery. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 165: 204-212. [CeMEB Ph-D]

Holon F, Mouquet N, Boissery P, Bouchoucha M, Delaruelle G, Tribot A-S, Deter J (2015) Fine-scale cartography of human impacts along French Mediterranean coasts: a relevant map for the management of marine ecosystems. PLoS ONE 10 (8): e0135473. [CeMEB Ph-D]


- 2016 -


Boulinier T, Kada S, Ponchon A, Dupraz M, Dietrich M, Gamble A, Bourret V, Duriez O, Bazire R, Tornos J, Tveraa T, Chambert T, Garnier R, McCoy KD (2016) Migration, prospecting, dispersal? What host movement matters for infectious agent circulation? Integrative and Comparative Biology 56 (2): 330-342. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]

Doxa A, Holon F, Deter J, Villéger S, Boissery P, Mouquet N (2016) Mapping biodiversity in three-dimensions challenges marine conservation strategies: The example of coralligenous assemblages in North-Western Mediterranean sea. Ecological Indicators 61: 1042-1054. [CeMEB Ph-D]

Funk A, Goutard F, Miguel E, Bourgarel M, Chevalier V, Faye B, Peiris M, Kerkhove MV, Roger F (2016) Mers-coV at the animal–human interface: inputs on exposure pathways from an expert-opinion elicitation. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 3: 88. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]

Jacob C, Vaissière AC, Bas A, Calvet C (2016) Investigating the inclusion of ecosystem services in biodiversity offsetting. Ecosystem Services 21: 92-102. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]

Leitwein M, Gagnaire P-A, Desmarais E, Guendouz S, Rohmer M, Berrebi P, Guinand B (2016) Genome-wide nucleotide diversity of hatchery-reared Atlantic and Mediterranean strains of brown trout Salmo trutta compared to wild Mediterranean populations. Journal of Fish Biology 89 (6): 2717-2734. [CeMEB Ph-D]

Miguel E, Perera RAPM, Baubekova A, Chevalier V, Faye B, Akhmetsadykov N, al. e (2016) Absence of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in camelids, Kazakhstan, 2015. Emerging Infectious Disease 22 (3): 555-557. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]

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Vaissière AC, Bierry A, Quétier F (2016) Mieux compenser les impacts sur les zones humides : modélisation de différentes approches dans la région de Grenoble. Sciences Eaux & Territoires 21: 14-19. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]


- 2017 -


Bouchet DC, Cheptou P-O, Munoz F (2017) Mowing influences community-level variation in resource-use strategies and flowering phenology along an ecological succession on Mediterranean road slopes. Applied Vegetation Science 20 (3): 376–387. [CeMEB Ph-D]

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- 2018 -


Alba A, Vazquez AA, Sanchez J, Duval D, Hernandez HM, Sabourin E, Vittecoq M, Hurtrez-Bousses S, Gourbal B (2018) Fasciola hepatica-Pseudosuccinea columella interaction: effect of increasing parasite doses, successive exposures and geographical origin on the infection outcome of susceptible and naturally-resistant snails from Cuba. Parasites & Vectors 11 (1): 559. [CeMEB Ph-D]

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- 2019 -


Bykova O, Chuine I, Morin X (2019) Highlighting the importance of water availability in reproductive processes to understand climate change impacts on plant biodiversity. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 37: 20-25. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]

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- 2020 & in press -


Bas C, Imbert I, Clermont S, Reinert ME, Calvet C, Berté C, Vaissière A-C (2020) Approches anticipées et planifiées de la compensation écologique en Allemagne : vers un retour d'expérience pour la France ? Sciences, Eaux & Territoires 31: 44-48. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]

Briceño-Arias L, Kalise D, Kobeissi Z, Laurière M, González ÁM, Silva FJ (sous presse) On the implementation of a primal-dual algorithm for second order time-dependent mean field games with local couplings. ESAIM: Proceedings and Surveys: sous presse. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]

Calvet C, Delbar V, Chapron P, Brasebin M, Perret J, Moulherat S (2020) La biodiversité à l'épreuve des choix d'aménagement : une approche par la modélisation appliquée à la région Occitanie. Sciences, Eaux & Territoires 31: 24-31. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]

Gamble A, Garnier R, Chambert T, Gimenez O, Boulinier T (2020) Next-generation serology: integrating cross-sectional and capture-recapture approaches to infer disease dynamics. Ecology 101 (2): e02923. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]

Vaissière A-C, Calvet C, Quétier F, Latune J (2020a) Quelles implications possibles du monde agricole dans la compensation écologique ? Vers des approches territoriales. Sciences, Eaux & Territoires 31: 38-43. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]

Vaissière A-C, Quétier F, Calvet C, Levrel H, Wunder S (2020b) Biodiversity offsets and payments for environmental services: clarifying the family ties. Ecological Economics 169: 106428. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]

Van der Geest M, Van der Heide T, Holmer M, DeWit R (2020) First field-based evidence that the seagrass-lucinid mutualism can mitigate sulfide stress in seagrasses. Frontiers in Marine Science 7: 11. [CeMEB Post-Doc fellow]



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