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2020 & in press Technical facilities publications


Allio R, Scornavacca C, Nabholz B, Clamens AL, Sperling FA, Condamine FL (2020) Whole genome shotgun phylogenomics resolves the pattern and timing of swallowtail butterfly evolution. Systematic Biology 69 (1): 38-60. [Plateforme MBB]

Besnard G, Cheptou P-O, Debbaoui M, Lafont P, Hugueny B, Dupin J, BaaliCherif D (2020) Paternity tests support a di-allelic self-incompatibility system in a wild olive (Olea europaea subsp. laperrinei, Oleaceae). Ecology and Evolution: sous presse. [Plateforme TE]

Burban C, Rocha S, Leblois R, Rossi J-P, Sauné L, Branco M, Kerdelhué C (2020) From sympatry to parapatry: a rapid change in the spatial context of incipient allochronic speciation. Evolutionary Ecology 34 (1): 101-121. [Plateforme GenSeq]

El Adouzi M, Arriaga-Jiménez A, Dormont L, Barthes N, Labalette A, Lapeyre Bt, Bonato O, Roy L (2020) Modulation of feed composition is able to make hens less attractive to the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae. Parasitology 147 (2): 171-181. [Plateforme PACE]

Ferreira MS, Alves PC, Callahan CM, Giska I, Farelo L, Jenny H, Mills LS, Hackländer K, Good JM, MeloFerreira J (2020) Transcriptomic regulation of seasonal coat color change in hares. Ecology and Evolution 10 (3): 1180-1192. [Plateforme MBB]

Ferreira-Cardoso S, Billet G, Gaubert P, Delsuc F, Hautier L (2020) Skull shape variation in extant pangolins (Pholidota: Manidae): allometric patterns and systematic implications. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 188 (1): 255-275. [Plateforme Microtomographie RX]

Mahaut L, Fort F, Violle C, Freschet GT (2020) Multiple facets of diversity effects on plant productivity: species richness, functional diversity, species identity and intraspecific competition. Functional Ecology 34 (1): 287–298. [Plateforme PACE]

Marques JP, Seixas FA, Farelo L, Callahan CM, Good JM, Montgomery WI, Reid N, Alves PC, Boursot P, Melo-Ferreira J (2020) An annotated draft genome of the mountain hare (Lepus timidus). Genome Biology and Evolution 12 (1): 3656-3662. [Plateforme MBB]

Nurhayu W, Nila S, Widayati KA, Rianti P, Suryobroto B, Raymond M (2020) Handedness heritability in industrialized and nonindustrialized societies. Heredity 124 (2): 313-324. [Plateforme MBB]

Robino E, Poirier AC, Amraoui H, Le Bissonnais S, Perret A, Lopez-Joven C, Auguet JC, Rubio TP, Cazevieille C, Rolland JL, Hechard Y, Destoumieux-Garzon D, Charriere GM (sous presse) Resistance of the oyster pathogen Vibrio tasmaniensis LGP32 against grazing by Vannella sp. marine amoeba involves Vsm and CopA virulence factors. Environmental Microbiology: in press [Plateforme GenSeq]

Santonja M, Rodriguez-Perez H, Le Bris N, Piscart C (sous presse) Leaf nutrients and macroinvertebrates control litter mixing effects on decomposition in temperate streams. Ecosystems: sous presse. [Plateforme PACE]

Simon A, Arbiol C, Nielsen EE, Couteau J, Sussarellu R, Burgeot T, Bernard I, Coolen JWP, Lamy J-B, Robert S, Skazina M, Strelkov P, Queiroga H, Cancio I, Welch JJ, Viard F, Bierne N (2020) Replicated anthropogenic hybridisations reveal parallel patterns of admixture in marine mussels. Evolutionary Applications 13 (3): 575–599. [Plateformes GenSeq & Plateforme MBB]

Stojanova B, Maurice S, Cheptou P-O (2020) Season-dependent effect of cleistogamy in Lamium amplexicaule: flower type origin versus inbreeding status. American Journal of Botany 107 (1): 155-163. [Plateforme TE]

Tabuce R, Sarr R, Adnet S, Lebrun R, Lihoreau F, Martin JE, Sambou B, Thiam M, Hautier L (sous presse) Filling a gap in the proboscidean fossil record: a new genus from the Lutetian of Senegal. Journal of Paleontology: sous presse. [Plateforme Microtomographie RX]

Vezy R, le Maire G, Christina M, Georgiou S, Imbach P, Hidalgo HG, Alfaro EJ, Blitz-Frayret C, Charbonnier F, Lehner P, Loustau D, Roupsard O (2020) DynACof: A process-based model to study growth, yield and ecosystem services of coffee agroforestry systems. Environmental Modelling & Software 124: 104609. [Plateforme MBB]

Volaire F, Morvan-Bertrand A, Prud'homme M-P, Benot M-L, Augusti A, Zwicke M, Roy J, Landais D, Picon-Cochard C (sous presse) The resilience of perennial grasses under two climate scenarios is correlated with carbohydrate metabolism in meristems. Journal of Experimental Botany: sous presse. [Plateforme TE]

2019 Technical facilities publications

Altinli M, Lequime S, Courcelle M, Francois S, Justy F, Gosselin-Grenet AS, Ogliastro M, Weill M, Sicard M (2019a) Evolution and phylogeography of Culex pipiens densovirus. Virus Evolution 5 (2): vez053. [Plateforme GenSeq]

Altinli M, Soms J, Ravallec M, Justy F, Bonneau M, Weill M, Gosselin-Grenet AS, Sicard M (2019b) Sharing cells with Wolbachia: the transovarian vertical transmission of Culex pipiens densovirus. Environmental Microbiology 21 (9): 3284-3298. [Plateforme q-PCR haut débit]

Augusto RdC, Cosseau C, Grunau C (2019) Histone methylome of the human parasite Schistosoma mansoni In: Jurga S, Barciszewski J (eds) The DNA, RNA, and Histone Methylomes. Springer International Publishing, Cham, pp 607-624. [Plateforme Epigénomique]

Aumeeruddy-Thomas Y, Hmimsa Y (2019) Fig and olive domestication in the Rif, northern Morocco: entangled human and tree lives and history. In: Stépanoff C, Vigne J-D (eds) Hybrid communities: biosocial approaches to domestication and other trans-species relationships. Routledge, Abingdon, UK, pp 179-196. [Plateforme TE]

Aupic-Samain A, Baldy V, Lecareux C, Fernandez C, Santonja M (2019) Tree litter identity and predator density control prey and predator demographic parameters in a Mediterranean litter-based multi-trophic system. Pedobiologia 73: 1–9. [Plateforme PACE]

Baudat F, de Massy B, Veyrunes F (2019) Sex chromosome quadrivalents in oocytes of the African pygmy mouse Mus minutoides that harbors non-conventional sex chromosomes. Chromosoma 128 (3): 397-411. [Plateforme Cytogénomique]

Binetruy F, Dupraz M, Buysse M, Duron O (2019) Surface sterilization methods impact measures of internal microbial diversity in ticks. Parasites & Vectors 12 (1): 268. [Plateforme GenSeq]

Blondeau-Bidet E, Hiroi J, Lorin-Nebel C (2019) Ion uptake pathways in European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax. Gene 692: 126-137. [Plateforme q-PCR haut débit]

Bonneau M, Caputo B, Ligier A, Caparros R, Unal S, Perriat-Sanguinet M, Arnoldi D, Sicard M, Weill M (2019) Variation in Wolbachia cidB gene, but not cidA, is associated with cytoplasmic incompatibility mod phenotype diversity in Culex pipiens. Molecular Ecology 28 (21): 4725-4736. [Plateforme GenSeq]

Bourgarel M, Noël V, Pfukenyi D, Michaux J, André A, Becquart P, Cerqueira F, Barrachina C, Boué V, Talignani L, Matope G, Missé D, Morand S, Liégeois F (2019) Next-generation sequencing on insectivorous bat guano: an accurate tool to identify arthropod viruses of potential agricultural concern. Viruses 11 (12): 1102. [Plateforme GenSeq]

Bourgeois B, Munoz F, Fried G, Mahaut L, Armengot L, Denelle P, Storkey J, Gaba S, Violle C (2019) What makes a weed a weed? A large-scale evaluation of arable weeds through a functional lens. American Journal of Botany 106: 90-100. [Plateforme TE]

Bristiel P, Roumet C, Violle C, Volaire F, 434: (2019) Coping with drought: root trait variability within the perennial grass Dactylis glomerata captures a trade-off between dehydration avoidance and dehydration tolerance. Plant and Soil 434: 327-342. [Plateformes TE & PACE]

Caro SP, Cornil CA, van Oers K, Visser ME (2019) Personality and gonadal development as sources of individual variation in response to GnRH challenge in female great tits. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Biological Sciences 286 (1902): 20190142. [Plateforme TE]

Chao L, Liu YY, Freschet GT, Zhang WD, Yu X, Zheng WH, Guan X, Yang QP, Chen LC, Dijkstra FA, Wang SL (2019) Litter carbon and nutrient chemistry control the magnitude of soil priming effect. Functional Ecology 33: 876-888. [Plateforme TE]

Charbonnel N, Galan M, Tatard C, Loiseau A, Diagne CA, Dalecky A, Parrinello H, Rialle S, Severac D, Brouat C (2019) Differential immune gene expression associated with contemporary range expansion of two invasive rodents in Senegal. PCI Ecology bioRxiv 442160, ver 4: peer-reviewed and recommended by PCI Ecology. [Plateforme GenSeq]

Corse E, Tougard C, Archambaud-Suard G, Agnese JF, Messu Mandeng FD, Bilong Bilong CF, Duneau D, Zinger L, Chappaz R, Xu CCY, Meglecz E, Dubut V (2019) One-locus-several-primers: A strategy to improve the taxonomic and haplotypic coverage in diet metabarcoding studies. Ecology and Evolution 9 (8): 4603-4620. [Plateforme ADN dégradé]

Courcelle M, Tilak MK, Leite YLR, Douzery EJP, Fabre PH (2019) Digging for the spiny rat and hutia phylogeny using a gene capture approach, with the description of a new mammal subfamily. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 136: 241-253. [Plateforme MBB]

Debiais-Thibaud M, Simion P, Venteo S, Munoz D, Marcellini S, Mazan S, Haitina T (2019) Skeletal mineralization in association with type X collagen expression is an ancestral feature for jawed vertebrates. Molecular Biology and Evolution 36 (10): 2265-2276. [Plateforme MBB]

Desoutter A, Yusuf Solieman O, Subsol G, Fages M, Cuisinier F (2019) Method to approximate intra oral scanner noise and resolution. Lasers in Dentistry XXV, vol 10857. SPIE. doi:10.1117/12.2509460 [Plateforme Microtomographie RX]

Dubart M, Pantel JH, Pointier JP, Jarne P, David P (2019) Modeling competition, niche, and coexistence between an invasive and a native species in a two-species metapopulation. Ecology 100 (6): e02700. [Plateforme MBB]

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Eugenia Nunez-Valdez M, Lanois A, Pages S, Duvic B, Gaudriault S (2019) Inhibition of Spodoptera frugiperda phenoloxidase activity by the products of the Xenorhabdus rhabduscin gene cluster. PLoS One 14 (2): e0212809. [Plateforme q-PCR haut débit]

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Galkowski C, Aubert C, Blatrix R (2019) Aphaenogaster ichnusa santschi, 1925, bona species, and redescription of Aphaenogaster subterranea (Latreille, 1798) (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). Sociobiology 66: 420-425. [Plateforme TE]

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Mourlam MJ, Orliac MJ (2019b) Early evolution of the ossicular chain in Cetacea: Into the middle ear gears of a semi-aquatic protocetid whale. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 286: 1912. [Plateforme Microtomographie RX]

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2018 Technical facilities publications


Alvarez-Flores R, Anh NTT, Peredo-Parada S, Joffre R, Winkel T (2018) Rooting plasticity in wild and cultivated Andean Chenopodium species under soil water deficit. Plant and Soil 425 (1-2): 479-492. [Plateforme TE]

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