Evenements organisés / financés


Cemeb organized working groups on various themes, and sustained one large meeting (500 to 3000 attendees) per year and smaller, more focused meetings organized in Montpellier (Table PR4). Cemeb also organizes a weekly seminar in ecology and evolution (initiated in 1979) and the prestigious annual Thaler lecture (e.g., R. & P. Grant in 2016, J. Bascompte in 2017). Overall Cemeb organized / co-organized 30 meetings and funded 47 meetings since 2015 vs. 16 over the 2011-2014 period.
Several conferences were filmed (see Cemeb website). Table PR4 provides an overview of the diversity of meetings since 2015 - note that the large conferences (L) were organized by scientific societies and are mentioned when Cemed funded them and participated to (part of) the organization.


As part of its scientific and communication activities, the LabEx CeMEB supports the organisation of scientific events (colloquia, workshops, seminars, training courses). These events must be aimed at scientific and/or technical personnel and organised in Montpellier or its region.

Manifestations régulières

  • Mathematical and computational evolutionary biology
  • Models in ecology & evolution
  • Scientific days of docs and post-docs (Printemps de Baillarguet)
  • Scientific days / exhibition on mushroom and autumn plants

Manifestations 2020

Manifestations 2019

Manifestations 2018

  • Workshop Agir ensemble pour mieux prévenir et contrôler les maladies des coquillages
  • Harlan III Symposium : origins of agriculture and domestication, evolution and utilisation of genetics resources
  • Adaptation Genomics Summer School
  • Stakeholders'workshop : acting to better prevent and mitigate farmed shelfish diseases
  • Field electronic notebooks
  • Statistical methods for post-genomic data



Manifestations 2017

  • AnaEE : Functionnal Ecology Scientific Days
  • Montpellier Omics Days
  • Agora Paleobotanica conference
  • Plants at the rythm of the seasons
  • Theory of ecosystems
  • Philosophy of ecosystems
  • AMMR 2017 : 2nd international symposium on the advances in marine mussel research
  • Scientific still motion animation workshop


Manifestations 2016

  • Biodiversity day
  • 38th Statistics and environment day
  • Philosophy : Nature and Anthropocene Era
  • 9th International Fig Symposium
  • OPTIMA - International botanic conference
  • Antimicrobial peptide symposium
  • Meetings of the french ecology society
  • Imaging by drone for the environment and the agriculture
  • Environmental and natural ressources conservation in developping countries
  • Ecology of interactions between micro-organisms and hosts

Manifestations 2015

  • Molecular tracing of viral diseases in aquaculture (Workshop & training course)
  • 3rd Global science conference on climate-smart agriculture
  • Global biodiversity information facility
  • SMBE meeting (Investigating biological adaptation with NGS : data and models)
  • Health, medicine and evolution sciences
  • Electronic and environment
  • Environmenalt genomics conference
  • Phase-bacteria interactions : from fundamental to applied research