“Multi-omics” insights into phytoplankton-virus interactions

Le 08 Mars 2024
11h30 Hybrid - online and Salle Louis Thaler, bat 22 UM

gwenael piganeau

Observatoire océanologique de Banyuls, Banyuls sur mer, France


Link to seminar: TBA

Photosynthetic bacterial sized eukaryotes, picoeukaryotes, are significant contributors to the primary production in the sunlit ocean. Their natural environment is infested by viruses, that have a strong impact on their population dynamics. The Mamiellales-prasinovirus (Chlorophyta – Nucleocytoviricota) model system is well suited for the study of phytoplankton virus interactions as many hosts and double stranded DNA viruses can be maintained in the lab. We are particularly interested in the evolution of gain and loss of resistance in clonal strains, and these two processes can be monitored by experimental evolution approaches. I will present our results on past and ongoing projects to better understand the molecular bases of resistance and susceptibility in the Mamiellales-prasinovirus system, by integrating, genomic, transcriptomic, translatomic and metabolomic approaches.


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