CeMEB Exploratory Research and ERJ projects publications

Publications projets recherches exploratoires & ERJ 2020

Champreux A, Meyer-Berthaud B, Decombeix A-L (sous presse) Keraphyton gen. nov., a new Late Devonian plant genus of iridopterid affinities from New South Wales, Australia. PeerJ: sous presse. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Ganem G, Dufour CMS, Avenant NL, Caminade P, Eiseb SJ, Tougard C, Pillay N (2020) An update on the distribution and diversification of Rhabdomys sp. (Muridae, Rodentia). Journal of Vertebrate Biology 69 (2): 20013.1-17. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Feist R, Cornée J-J, Corradini C, Hartenfels S, Aretz M, Girard C (sous presse) The Devonian–Carboniferous boundary in the stratotype area (SE Montagne Noire, France). Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments: sous presse. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Le Roncé I, Toïgo M, Dardevet E, Venner S, Limousin J-M, Chuine I (2020) Resource manipulation through experimental defoliation has legacy effects on allocation to reproductive and vegetative organs in Quercus ilexAnnals of Botany 126 (7): 1165- 1179. [Cemeb Junior Research Team]

Miralles A, Geniez P, Beddek M, Aranda DM, Brito JC, Leblois R, Crochet P-A (2020) Morphology and multilocus phylogeny of the spiny-footed lizard (Acanthodactylus erythrurus) complex reveal two new mountain species from the Moroccan Atlas. Zootaxa 4747 (2): 302-326. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Murri S, Madrières S, Tatard C, Piry S, Benoit L, Loiseau A, Pradel J, Artige E, Audiot P, Leménager N, Lacôte S, Vulin J, Charbonnel N, Marianneau P, Castel G (2020) Detection and genetic characterization of Puumala Orthohantavirus S-Segment in areas of France non-endemic for nephropathia epidemica. Pathogens 9 (9): 721.  [Cemeb exploratory project]

Rataud A, Dupraz M, Toty C, Blanchon T, Vittecoq M, Choquet R, McCoy KD (2020) Evaluating functional dispersal in a nest ectoparasite and its eco-epidemiological implications. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 7: 570157. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Robino E, Poirier AC, Amraoui H, Le Bissonnais S, Perret A, Lopez-Joven C, Auguet JC, Rubio TP, Cazevieille C, Rolland JL, Hechard Y, Destoumieux-Garzon D, Charriere GM (sous presse) Resistance of the oyster pathogen Vibrio tasmaniensis LGP32 against grazing by Vannella sp. marine amoeba involves Vsm and CopA virulence factors. Environmental Microbiology:  [Cemeb exploratory project]

Rodrigues L, Sprafke T, Bokatola Moyikola C, Barthès BG, Bertrand I, Comptour M, Rostain S, Yoka J, McKey D (2020) A Congo Basin ethnographic analogue of pre-Columbian Amazonian raised fields shows the ephemeral legacy of organic matter management. Scientific Reports 10 (1): 10851 [Cemeb exploratory project]

Simon A, Arbiol C, Nielsen EE, Couteau J, Sussarellu R, Burgeot T, Bernard I, Coolen JWP, Lamy J-B, Robert S, Skazina M, Strelkov P, Queiroga H, Cancio I, Welch JJ, Viard F, Bierne N (2020) Replicated anthropogenic hybridisations reveal parallel patterns of admixture in marine mussels. Evolutionary Applications 13 (3): 575–599. [Cemeb Junior Research Team]

Souquet L, Corradini C, Girard C (2020a) 3D models related to the publication: Siphonodella leiosa (Conodonta), a new unornamented species from the Tournaisian (lower Carboniferous) of Puech de la Suque (Montagne Noire, France). MorphoMuseuM 6 (3): e115. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Thoumazeau A, Chevallier T, Baron V, Rakotondrazafy N, Panklang P, Marichal R, Kibblewhite M, Sebag D, Tivet F, Bessou C, Gay F, Brauman A (2020) A new in- field indicator to assess the impact of land management on soil carbon dynamics. Geoderma 375: 114496. [Cemeb Junior Research Team]

Tournayre O, Leuchtmann M, Filippi-Codaccioni O, Trillat M, Piry S, Pontier D, Charbonnel N, Galan M (2020) In silico and empirical evaluation of twelve metabarcoding primer sets for insectivorous diet analyses. Ecology and Evolution 10 (13): 6310-6332. [Cemeb Junior Research Team]

Publications projets recherches exploratoires & ERJ 2019

Bourgarel M, Noël V, Pfukenyi D, Michaux J, André A, Becquart P, Cerqueira F, Barrachina C, Boué V, Talignani L, Matope G, Missé D, Morand S, Liégeois F (2019) Next-generation sequencing on insectivorous bat guano: an accurate tool to identify arthropod viruses of potential agricultural concern. Viruses 11 (12): 1102. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Buysse M, Plantard O, McCoy KD, Duron O, Menard C (2019) Tissue localization of Coxiella-like endosymbionts in three European tick species through fluorescence in situ hybridization. Ticks and Tick Borne Diseases 10 (4): 798-804. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Castel G, Chevenet F, Razzauti M, Murri S, Marianneau P, Cosson JF, Tordo N, Plyusnin A (2019) Phylogeography of Puumala orthohantavirus in Europe. Viruses 11 (8): 679. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Chevenet F, Castel G, Jousselin E, Gascuel O (2019) PastView: a user-friendly interface to explore ancestral scenarios. BMC Evolutionary Biology 19 (1): 163. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Decombeix A-L, Galtier J, McLoughlin S, Meyer-Berthaud B, Webb GE, Blake PR (2019) Early Carboniferous lignophyte tree diversity in Australia: Woods from the Drummond and Yarrol basins, Queensland. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 263: 47-64. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Garnier E, Vile D, Roumet C, Lavorel S, Grigulis K, Navas M-L, Lloret F (2019) Inter- and intra-specific trait shifts among sites differing in drought conditions at the north western edge of the Mediterranean Region. Flora 254: 147-160. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Klafack S, Fiston-Lavier AS, Bergmann SM, Hammoumi S, Schroder L, Fuchs W, Lusiastuti A, Lee PY, Heredia SV, Master student c, Gosselin-Grenet AS, Avarre JC (2019) Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 evolves in vitro through an assemblage of haplotypes that alternatively become dominant or under-represented. Viruses 11 (8): E754. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Madrieres S, Castel G, Murri S, Vulin J, Marianneau P, Charbonnel N (2019) The needs for developing experiments on reservoirs in Hantavirus research: accomplishments, challenges and promises for the future. Viruses 11 (7): 664. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Rataud A, Dupraz M, Toty C, Blanchon T, Vittecoq M, Choquet R, McCoy KD (2019) Evaluating functional dispersal and its eco-epidemiological implications in a nest ectoparasite (Version V3.0). PCI Ecology Zenodo 2592114, ver. 3: peer-reviewed and recommended by PCI Ecology. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Tanrattana M, Barczi J-F, Decombeix A-L, Meyer-Berthaud B, Wilson J (2019) A new approach for modeling water transport in fossil plants. IAWA Journal 40 (3): 466. [Cemeb exploratory project]

Tanrattana M, Meyer-Berthaud B, Decombeix A-L (2019) Callixylon wendtii sp. nov., a new species of archaeopteridalean progymnosperm from the Late Devonian of Anti-Atlas, Morocco. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 108 (4): 373-385. [Cemeb exploratory project]

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