Special SEEM Journées MUSE-Afrique: Ecological and Evolutionary Research in Africa

Le 08 Octobre 2021
15h30 - Hybrid seminar, online and onsite, conditions permitting


Stephan NTIE( 1), Christian KASSEGNE( 2)

1) Laboratoire de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire (LABMC), Département de Biologie, Université des Sciences et Techniques de Masuku (USTM), BP 941, Franceville, Gabon 
2) Dépt de Géologie, Faculté des Sciences, Université de Lomé, BP 1515, Lomé, Togo

On the occasion of the Montpellier Global days organized by MUSE, about 140 African scientists come to Montpellier, eight of them presenting at the Biodiversity thematic days (https://www.montpellierglobaldays.fr/biodiversite) on 4 and 5 October 2021. This exceptional SEEM pro-vides an opportunity for Stephan Ntie, Christian Kassegne and Tine Mbaye to present their research in Africa for the Cemeb community in more detail and particularly facilitate direct exchanges with its members based at the Triolet Campus. Stephan Ntie studies the diversity of mammals in Central Africa. Therefore, he uses population genetics to better understand diversification processes and associate taxa with different forest habitat types. Christian Kassegne is a PhD student, studying mid-Cenozoic deposits of Togo, with a previously unsuspected fossiliferous potential for West Africa allowing to understand the evolution of modern African faunas over time.

Recent publications:

1 Katy Morgan, Jean-François Mboumba, Stephan Ntie et al. (2020) Precipitation and vegetation shape patterns of genomic and cranio-metric variation in the central African rodent Praomys misonnei. Proceedings of the Royal Society. https://doi.org/10.1098/rspb.2020.0449
2 Koffi Evenyon Kassegne et al. (2021) First partial cranium of Togocetus from Kpogamé (Togo) and the protocetid diversity in the Togolese phosphate basin. Annales de Paléontologie 107, 102488

Link to seminar: https://umontpellier-fr.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_4Yl-1FAHRdmkLPZqEaKr9w

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