Exploratory research projects

Cemeb has sustained exploratory research projects based on newly established collaborations between Cemeb research units, that will serve as foundations for more ambitious projects (e.g., ANR or ERC) covering a wide range of themes with e.g. seven including genomics and epigenomics.

Launched in 2017, this call for projects has been very sucessfull and has been renewed several times.

13 Projets exploratoires (2022-2024) issus de la session 2022.

OTTERCONNECT : Socio-ecological connectivity of Eurasian otter populations - CEFE (O Gimenez)

CARTIPRO : Evolution of mineralized tissues in vertebrate skeletons - ISEM (M Debiais-Thibaud, C Martinand-Mari)

MoCa : Modelling and categorization of dental structures in marine vertebrates and comparison with geochemical tracers around major crises - ISEM (C Girard)

ARIDITY : Understanding response to dry conditions and resilience to increased aridity: a comparative approach involving an African rodent - ISEM (G Ganem)

GENOPEST : GENOmics studies of the noctuid PEST genus Spodoptera - CBGP (G Kergoat)

INFERNO : INFEctions Rénales zooNOtiques liées aux rats dans les parcs zoologiques urbains - CBGP (G Castell)

POLFISHCOR : A multidisciplinary approach to test the impacts of wastewater pollution and fish corallivory on coral health - MARBEC (S Villeger) - IHPE (E Toulza)

POLTRON : Pollination Networks in the Tropics - CBGP (J Haran), CEFE (M Dufay)

MOVIRUNGA : pro-social MOtivations to conserve biodiversity around VIRUNGA National Park - CEEM (R Soubeyran)

RESERVIB : Study of the role of marine amoebae as an environmental reservoir for Vibrio bacteria - IHPE ( G Charrière)

DEVHAPSEQ : DEVeloping HAPlotagging to SEQuencer large samples of phased genomes - ISEM ( PA Gagnaire), CBGP ( S Boitard), CEFE (PA Crochet)

PHOSPHORONS : The role of interactions between soil organisms in optimizing plant access to phosphorus- Eco&Sols (A Robin)

TROFERM : The role of the trophic mode in the growth of marine microalgue on biomass fermentation effluents - MARBEC (A Atteia)

11 Projets exploratoires (2020-2022) issus de la session 2020.

AFFRIRE : Determinants and impacts of fire regimes in tropical Africa - ISEM (C Favier), AMAP (M Rejou-Mechain)

BIOTA : Insular Biogeography of Bird Assemblages: Cross Impacts of Ecological Traits and Anthropization- CEFE (JY Barganaud), MARBEC (N Mouquet)

COGNAC : COGNition and Adaptation: Eco-evolutionary consequences in two phytophagous insects - CBGP (J Foucaud), CEFE (M Profit)

DEEP HEART : Environmental niche, connectivity and biodiversity of gorgonian populations within the coralligenous ecosystem in the French Mediterranean (20-100 m): initial status, implementation of long-term monitoring and development of a participatory science network. - MARBEC (B Merigot, Q Schul))

DivSYM : From diversity to functions of bacterial symbionts in two orders of phytophagous insects with contrasting modes of nutrition - CBGP (E Jousselin, E Frago).

INGENIOUS : Emerging avian virus screening in Souhteast Asia - MIVEGEC (R Hamel), IHPE (S Morand)

MICROLAG : Impact of oyster mortalities on the lagoon microbiome. In search of a potential pathogen reservoir - MARBEC (A Caro), IHPE (Y Gueguen)

OLEAD : Adaptation of olive trees (Olea europaea) to climate change: towards phenotypic integration - CEFE (C Roumet), ISEM (JF Terral)

PROLAG : Preuve de concept en génomique du paysage : de la production de données NGS aux inférences démographiques - CBGP (MP Chapuis, R Leblois)

SEXPLAN : Sexual selection in plants: mechanisms of female choice and its role for conservation - CEFE (M Dufay, T Janicke)

TREES@SEA : Floating objects in the open ocean: unveiling modifications of the pelagic habitat induced by global change - MARBEC (M Capello), AMAP (G Viennois)


25 Projets exploratoires (2018-2020) issus des deux premières sessions de l'AAP en 2017.

At least two projects gave rise to ANR projects in 2018.

WHISHES : Wild Host dIverSity : How to Estimate and detect pathogenS? - MIVEGEC, CEFE

EPID : EPigenetics of Inbreeding Depression - CEFE, IHPE

DISTIC : Disentangling functional and effective dispersal in a nest ectoparasite of colonial seabirds and its eco-epidemiological consequences - MIVEGEC, CEFE

BIODIFULL : Evaluating the aesthetic value of biodiversity - MARBEC, CEFE, ISEM

CONVErGE : Convergent evolution in ape malaria agents : from genotype to phenotype - MIVEGEC, IHPE

RAPADAPT : Rapid adaptation of plants to global change: exploring the role of epigenetics - CEFE, ISEM

BACT-PHI : Evolutionary rescue of bacterial populations facingbacteriophages, antibiotics and a combination of both stresses - MICEGEC ISEM,

HAPLOFIT : Role of viral haplotypes in viral fitness - IHPE, ISEM, LEMAR

SPEED : DoeS PErsonality Explain spatial spreaD of invasive wild mice in Senegal? Behavioral ecology and population genomics approaches - CBGP, ISEM

Island Immunity : Relaxed selection at immunity genes in insular populations ? A test using a population genomics approach - ISEM, CEFE

NANJING : Nitrogen Associated Nutrient cycling strategies among Jointly growING plant species and their implications for ecosystem services - AMAP, Eco&sols

SALSA : Identification of novel mechanisms to study differential responses to salinity stress in the euryhaline teleost Dicentrarchus labrax - MARBEC, IHPE