Platform for chemical analysis in ecology (PACE)

This highly-specialized platform is dedicated to the analysis of chemical compounds taken from the environment and soil components, mediator volatile compounds, etc. It provides members with the tools they need to prepare and package samples pre-analysis, analysis methods for organic and inorganic compounds, and help to develop and implement new methods.

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The PACE has four principal analytical focuses:

  • Chemometrics: infrared spectrometers (NIR and FTIR).
  • Chemical ecology: sampling, extraction, purification and analysis of chemical mediators (PACE has 4 GC FID dedicated to the analysis of volatile chemical compounds, including 2 coupled to mass spectrometers and one coupled to an electroantennogram).
  • Soil ecology: microbial activities (respiration, nitrification and denitrification potentials; MicroResp), microbial biomass, microbial communities (AFLP).
  • Elemental and organic analyses: carbon and nitrogen analyses (CHN analyser, Smartchem 200), membrane components (fibre analyser), sugars, polyphenols, condensed tannins, etc.


  • 2 chromatographs coupled to mass spectrometers
  • 2 flame detection chromatographs one of which is coupled to an electroantennogram
  • 2 chromatographs equipped with electron-capture and catharometer detectors

(In) organic analyses

  • atomic absorption – air flame ionization – acetylene
  • an elemental analyser
  • Fibersac: (hemi) cellulose concentration in plant samples
  • a sequence analyser


  • FTIR and NIR
  • Winrhizo scanner: measurement of the physical properties of root systems

Microbial analysis

  • micro katharometer
  • multiplexer: automated sampling
  • ECD GC: N2O concentrations, acetylene, CO2, etc. via chromatography
  • GC FID: derived AFLP concentrations to characterise microbial communities
  • automatic evaporator for samples used, in particular, in the preparation of AFLP analyses
  • 2 NIR spectrometers and one MIR spectrometer
  • 1 gas chromatograph – QP2010 mass spectrometer plus SHIMADZU
  • lab equipment: lyophiliser, centrifuge, ovens, balance

Staff members do not carry out routine analyses. A request must be made to the appropriate personnel, and access is granted on the following terms:

  • registration and meetings with officials,
  • evaluation of the work and establishment of a protocol (depending on the type and number of analyses, calculations of cost and the time required),
  • training in the techniques, equipment and health and safety regulations,
  • validation of the results and feedback.

Scientific leader: Anne-Geneviève BAGNERES

Technical manager: Nicolas BARTHES

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CEFE UMR 5175 -CNRS 1919
Route de Mende 34293 Montpellier cedex 05

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