Montpellier Bioinformatics and Biodiversity (MBB)

The shared Scientific Computing service is an initiative aimed at pooling resources dedicated to computing and bioinformatics. It not only offers access to powerful servers, but also supports users who wish to write and run their own code.

Localisation : 

The MBB platform is designed to support research in units that address computational issues in the fields of evolution and ecology. MBB hosts software, provides support for code development, access to the computing cluster, Big Data machines, and the RStudio server.


Software hosting for users who wish to implement their programs as an online tool or as a binary/ source code package downloadable from the platform’s website.

  • support for code development: this service helps researchers to parallelize/ optimize their programs, port code to different operating systems, use graphical libraries, and package, compile and implement software packages.
  • access to the computing cluster: LabEx members can request an SSH account that provides access to a 200-core Linux cluster managed by the Open Grid Scheduler Queue Manager.
  • access to Big Data machines: 5 high-capacity servers (512 GB RAM, 64-core, 6 TB hard disk) can be reserved for a period of 2 to 4 weeks. These servers are equipped with virtual machines in the form of the CloudBioLinux distribution, and users have exclusive access for the duration of their reservation.
  • RStudio Server: the RStudio package is installed on a Linux server. This machine is dedicated to the development of R scripts and performance testing on resources provided for this purpose.
  • 8-core, 328 GB RAM cluster
  • GPU computing
  • one machine equipped with a NVidia Tesla K20 graphics card (2496 GPU cores and 5GB of GDDR5 memory) to compile or launch CUDA-compatible code.
Contact : 
Manager: Khalid Belkhir
Remy Dernat
CC063, Bât. 24, 1er étage
Université Montpellier, Place E. Bataillon
34095 Montpellier CEDEX 05