Localisation : ISEM
The RX Microtomography facility is integrated into the Biocampus MRI platform. It can carry out non-destructive exploration of objects such as... Lire la suite
Localisation : MARBEC
MICROBEX is structured into 3 technical facilities that cover all needs of aquatic environmental microbiology: culture, observation, enumeration,... Lire la suite
Cyto – Evolutionary Genomics Environmental Genomics
Localisation : ISEM
This platform is dedicated to analyzes of evolutionary biology based on chromosomes. It offers tools for the implementation of cytogenomics projects... Lire la suite
Degraded DNA Environnemental Genomics
Localisation : ISEM
The Degraded DNA (ADN Dégradé) platform hosts the infrastructure (rooms, equipment and procedures) needed for the analysis of degraded DNA samples... Lire la suite
Localisation : ECO&SOLS
Ecotrop provides facilities for the reception, preparation, storage and handling of soils from third-party countries requiring quarantine (level L2... Lire la suite
Localisation : CEFE
This versatile technical platform combines open-field experimental plots (4 Ha) and experimentation in controlled conditions (climate-controlled... Lire la suite
Genotyping - Sequencing (GenSeq) Environmental Genomics
Localisation : ISEM
This platform provides the community with traditional capillary electrophoresis genetic analysis technologies: fragment analysis, microsatellites,... Lire la suite
The shared Scientific Computing service is an initiative aimed at pooling resources dedicated to computing and bioinformatics. It not only offers... Lire la suite
This highly-specialized platform is dedicated to the analysis of chemical compounds taken from the environment and soil components, mediator... Lire la suite