The LabEx CeMEB supports the organisation of scientific events (symposia, workshops, seminars, training), taking place in 2018, 2019 and 2020. These events must target the scientific and/ or technical personnel and be organised in Montpellier or its region. They must be focused on one of CeMEB’s priority areas and the application must be made by (a) member(s) of a CeMEB unit. The events supported must concern a significant part of the CeMEB scientific community and offer added value with respect to past or already planned events.

Allocations and funding arrangements

Funding is up to €3000 per event. CeMEB financing can take one or other of following modalities:

  • Modality 1 – Typical: CeMEB directly covers certain expenses linked to the organisation of the event. In this case, the organizers must send the estimate for the planned service/ travels to, up to the amount allocated by the LabEx. Once it is confirmed that the financial framework and the purchasing procedures of the University of Montpellier have been followed, CeMEB will send a purchase order for the execution of this service/mission. Any invoice that is not backed by a purchase order issued by CeMEB will not be paid.
  • Modality 2 - Exceptionally: Payment of a grant. This method requires authorisation from the University’s Board of Directors. Payment will be made within 4 to 5 months after the announcement of the results of the selection. Applicants are responsible for managing the grant awarded by CeMEB if the money cannot be paid before the date of the event.

Applications for support must indicate the total amount requested and must specify the expenses that can be covered by CeMEB. Eligible expenditure includes:

  • Trips: names of guests, origin, travel expenses (air/train), number of hotel nights, etc.
  • Meals: (coffee break, lunch, dinner): number of people expected
  • Printing costs: estimate or quote
  • Video services: estimate or quote

Application schedule (valid for 2018 and 2019):





1–31 January: submission of applications

1–28 February: analysis, selection of applications and announcement of results

Events planned from early May (1)


1–31 May: submission of applications

1–30 June: analysis, selection of applications and announcement of results

Events planned from early September (1)


1–30 September: submission of applications

1–31 October: analysis, selection of applications and announcement of results

Events planned from early January (1)

(1) Events must be planned between the date indicated in the table and the end of 2020 at the latest.

Application requirements

Applications (downloadable form) must come from one of CeMEB’s research units, be signed by the applicant and the director of this unit, and be sent as a single Word or PDF document to

For significant international events, please contact Sophie Boutin, Project Manager at CeMEB LabEx (